Monday, December 10, 2007

Producer's Goblets

This weekend I received a request from a very well known Producer, for two custom glasses that he purchased from Barney's to be iced. I am excited to do this, especially when he called them "Pimp Cups", I just about lost it. Too funny...anyway, it's another design option for all of our customers to consider. These glasses/goblets, or "Pimp Cups" can be designed for truly any occasion. They will make great wedding gifts, bride & groom glasses...I'm imagining them in all crystal with some of our Swarovski shapes - gorgeous! I may have to try that one. Birthday gifts, holiday gifts...The Producer decided that he wanted them to be created in the color scheme of his friends' home. Their home is about to be featured in Architectural Digest. He emailed me photos of their home, which is undoubtedly exquisite. The couple has these incredible murals handpainted on their walls. Each one more unique and breathtaking than the last. So the glasses will be designed with the color scheme, and inspirations of their home. Love that! The couple is known to throw lavish soiree's at their home, so now they will have His and Hers "Pimp Cups", iced out by Posh.Life in a totally custom design - to match! Magnificent home, big bashes, and matching iced out glasses...Now that is what we call Posh.Life!!

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