Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swarovski Crystal iPad Bling...

Whenever I think...what will I ice out next...a new gadget is released that I have to get my sparkly little hands on! FYI, I am a GADJET JUNKIE! Obvvv, right? Since I've been into cell phone bling for over 8 years now, it's only natural that I'd have an obsession for gadgets and techie toys. Thank You, Apple, for creating the ipad. It's bad enough that I have two crystal laptops, two crystal cell phones, and a host of other shamelessly blinged out things...
I'd decided there was just no way I was going to buy this iPad, since I do own a laptop AND an iPhone. Seemed rather pointless...but one day I was making my way out of the Hello Kitty store, headed back to my vehicle, when I passed the Apple store...and there it was... The iPad. A huge, blown up version in the window, beckoning to me, taunting..."Tori, you know you want me..." 30 minutes later I was leaving the mall, basking in the excitement of what I was going to do to my new iPad! :)
About two hours later...VOILA!

I must say, I LOVE it! It's definitely far from useless, and it's so much better than trying to view websites on my iPhone. And I don't have to lug my laptop, cords, etc when I'm headed out to meetings or work away from my office. But secretly...well, not so secretly...this is the best part of all!!! The BLING, BLING baby!!

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