Thursday, September 16, 2010

When DVF Calls...

I never really considered myself "a designer"...just a person who loves pretty, sparkly, fabulous things. But I suppose, as a lover of fashion, and a person who actually does create concepts that are definitely out of the box, maybe I am...SO as a designer, there is No honor quite the same as having one of the most amazing Houses of Fashion contact you for projects...The Diane Von Furstenberg house of fashion, that is...
Posh.Life Bling has worked with DVF on several projects in the past...but when you get the call that Diane Von Furstenberg herself wants you to design her personal iPad cover...BLISS*
Just for a split second in one day she thought of me...Am I the luckiest designer ever, or what...?!
xoxo Posh ;)

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